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Yoron Island [travel diary]

I went to Yoron Island in spring.

This was my third trip.

The local people warmly welcomed me.

My friends of Yoron always say "welcome back!".

The sea is clear and beautiful even in spring.
There is a beach called "yurigahama", this beach only appears at low tide.

We must go to the offing by a boat, and it takes about 10 minutes.

Yoron has a population of about 5000, and there is only one signal in this island.

There are a few people migrating to this island.
They are called "Tabinchu".
"Tabi" means "Trip" and "nchu" means "people" in the Okinawa dialect.

I admire them, but I don't have to the courage to migrate.
If I move there, I can experience a new and wonderful world.
But, I would have to part with many things of my present life.

Therefore, I want to sometimes visit there, and I'll get rid of all my daily stress!

This island has nothing special to do, so I plan to take it easy without doing anything.

Okuno Island [travel diary]

I went to Okuno island with my friend in this January.

Okuno Island is one of the islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

It took about 15 minitus from Tadanoumi by a ferry.



It is famous as a rabbit island.


But, it has a sad history there.

Because many poison gases ware made there in World War.

And it was deleted from maps in the early Showa period.

 It’s said that it was concealed by secrecy from public maps because there was a poison gas factory for the army.

Many people suffered from exposure to poison gas. (health problem, especially skin and respiratory

Now, there is very clam, a lot of nature and a very relaxing place by many rabbits.




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My New Year's Resolution!! [recent events]


I chose my resolution for this year!


I want to my master's thesis to be accepted by the nursing institute journal.

I graduated with a master degree 4 years ago...

But I haven't submitted my thesis to an institute journal, so I submitted it last year.

I hope it will be accepted this year!

I think it's going to come true soon!![手(グー)][exclamation×2]


I want to finish writting my doctor's thesis by this July.

The proffessor who directed my graduate work will move to another university next year,

so I have to write my thesis hastily!!

Actually, I'm not doing well at it...

Because I'm busy with work in university and I don't have enough time for analysis.

It's like a multiple debts!! haha...

The job keep coming one after another! 

However, I suppose I must try it!


I want to have a healthy body and mind.

And, to be gentle to others.

If our body and mind aren't healthy, we can't have a gentle heart.

I want to have a kind and lenient attitude toward people.

There are some people have a strong personality in the world...[ふらふら]

I think we need to acquire a good attitude and knowledge to relate well with others.

Therefore, health is essential[exclamation×2][ぴかぴか(新しい)]

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